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Gwen Stone Garis

Gwen Stone Garis, San Gabriel

Tomboy Tools
Nancy Eaton, Las Vegas

Women. Tools. Knowledge. Pass it on.

Robin Fulton-Meyer

Lisa Thibodeaux

Construction Experts
Lisa Thibodeaux, San Diego

Stout Tent

Stout Tent
Karen Ellis, Greater Phoenix

Construction Notebook
Megan Collins, Las Vegas

Construction Notebook has been the leader in construction news since 1953. We can post your projects for FREE and receive competitive bids. We are a weekly publication with a physical and virtual plan room. Need to bid more projects? Want to see who is pulling permits, business license applications, Clark County recorder information, bankruptcies and contractors board? This data is all searchable on ConstructionNotebook.com. Please call 702-876-8660 if you have any questions.

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