Region Guidelines


A.  The Fund shall be named “NAWIC Pacific-Southwest Region Fund”.
B.  The purpose of the Fund shall be:

  • To serve as a clearing house for various regional programs; and
  • To assist the Region Director, and Director-Elect if there is one, with expenses not reimbursed by the NAWIC (national) budget.
  • To purchase items of benefit and interest to the Region;
  • To fund specific expenses or purchases as decided by the members of the Region.

C.  Amendments

  1. Amendments to these Fund Guidelines may be made at meetings during which official business is conducted by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present and eligible to vote. However, the proposed amendment(s) must have been circulated to all regional chapters at least forty-five (45) days prior to voting.
  2. Amendments that are editorial in nature do not require a vote.
  3. The Trustee Committee will issue each Chapter a copy of the Fund Guidelines (as Revised ) within thirty (30) days of any changes, whether editorial or substantive, and shall have the Guidelines posted on the Regional website.
  4. The Regional Fund Guidelines shall not conflict with the Association’s Bylaws or Standing Rules.

D.  Dissolution
In the event of the dissolution of this Fund, any monies remaining after all outstanding expenses have been paid shall be divided equally between the NAWIC Education Foundation (NEF) and the NAWIC Founders’ Scholarship Foundation (NFSF) as a regional donation.


The following terms used in these Guidelines are defined as follows:
Association – the National Association of Women In Construction [NAWIC]
Approved Budget – the Fund Budget covering Income and Expenses for the Fiscal Year as submitted by the Director and/or Director-Elect, Reviewed by the Director’s Advisory Committee, Approved by the Trustee Committee.
Business Meeting – meetings during which official business is conducted as determined by the NAWIC Board of Directors
Director – the Region member elected to serve on the NAWIC Board of Directors
Director’s Advisory Committee – [DAC] a committee comprising Past Region Directors who participate in the Regional activities
Fund – the Pacific-Southwest Regional Fund
Policies – the Pacific-Southwest Region Policies
Region [Regional] – the Pacific-Southwest Region
Term [Trustee’s term] – three years beginning on October 1st. In the case of a replacement Trustee her term is the remainder of the term of the Trustee whom she replaces.
Trustee – a Regional member elected to the Trustee Committee, including the Guardian


A.  Administration of the Fund will be by a Trustee Committee composed of three (3) Trustees, who shall be members of the Region in good standing.
B.  The committee shall serve without compensation.
C.  A Trustee shall be elected by a majority of members present at the Regional Annual Forum. No two (2) Trustees shall be members of the same chapter. One of the three Trustees must be a past NAWIC Director. When there is only one nominee for a Trustee position, the Recording Secretary may be instructed to cast the elective ballot.
D.  The Guardian and Trustees will serve for a term of three (3) years or until written notification or resignation is received by the Director.
E.  To ensure continuity, the Trustees terms shall be staggered. Upon adoption of these Guidelines, the members present shall immediately elect three Trustees to serve a one-year, two-year, and three-year term, respectively. Thereafter, each year one Trustee shall be elected to a full three-year term by a majority of members present at the Regional Annual Forum.
F.  A Trustee’s term will commence October 1.
G.  The Trustees shall choose amongst themselves which Trustee shall serve as Guardian. In the event the Guardian resigns, the Trustee Committee will elect a new Guardian.
H.  If circumstances occur which dictate the necessity for replacing a Trustee prior to the end of her term, the remaining Trustees shall select a replacement Trustee to serve until the next Forum. A replacement Trustee shall be elected by a majority of members present at the next Regional Annual Forum. A Trustee so elected shall begin service immediately and shall serve to completion of the term of the Trustee whom she is replacing.


A.  The initial Guardian shall set up a bank account and procure checks for the account.
B.  Immediately upon her election, the Guardian shall make arrangements for a Fidelity Bond for the Trustee Committee in an amount not less than the Fund balance. The cost of the Bond will be paid from the Fund and subsequently a budgeted expense.
C.  The Trustees have the fiduciary duty of accounting, maintenance and distribution of funds as prescribed herein.
D.  The Trustee Committee is responsible for receiving and disbursing funds for all regional programs as described in the Policies.
E.  The Guardian shall maintain complete accounting records which are to include chapter names, membership count, contributions received and disbursements made, along with supporting documents for all reimbursements
F.  The Fund records shall be maintained electronically.
G.  The Guardian shall file by the IRS deadlines all necessary tax returns/forms.
H.  It shall be the responsibility of the Trustee Committee to determine the sustainability of the Fund and make recommendations for adjustments to Income and/or Expenses in a timely manner.
I.  Payment of expenses must be approved by majority vote of the Trustee Committee. Decisions of the majority of the Trustee Committee are final.
J.  The Guardian will present a written report of Income and Expenses for the previous Fiscal Year at APC, and for the Year to Date as of March 31st at Annual Forum.
K.  Any Trustee failing to perform the duties as outlined herein can be asked to resign to resign by the other two Trustees with approval by the Director.


A.  Funds are to be maintained in a checking account specifically designated “NAWIC Pacific-Southwest Region Fund” in a federally insured banking institution located conveniently in most states where the Region has active chapters or the majority of states thereof. Funds may be deposited in a similarly titled savings account, or similar interest-bearing account, until such time as needed for reimbursement of expenses.
B.  Signatories on this account shall be the three (3) Trustees; Checks shall be issued with one signature.
C.  Signature cards are to be executed and on file with the bank within thirty (30) days of the Trustees taking office.
D.  The balance of this fund shall be ongoing.
E.  The fiscal year of the Fund shall coincide with the NAWIC fiscal year.
F.  The Director-Elect, upon election, shall meet with the Director and Director’s Advisory Committee (DAC), i.e. during Forum weekend, to initiate a budget covering Income and Expenses for the Fiscal Year for her first year as Director. Said Budget shall be finalized by July 30th following her election.
G.  The Director shall formulate a budget for the second year of her term in cooperation with the Director’s Advisory Committee (DAC). Said Budget shall be finalized by July 30th preceding the second year of her term.
H.  The Budget shall include line items for Regional expenses as identified in the Policies.
I.  The Fund Budget as prepared by the Director and/or Director-Elect, with assistance from the Director’s Advisory Committee, shall be submitted to the Trustee Committee for approval by a majority vote.
J.  The Guardian will close Fund accounting records on September 30th of each year. There will be an audit of the accounting records performed before the Annual Planning Conference of each year.

  1. In even-numbered calendar years, the incoming NAWIC Director will appoint two (2) members as an Audit Committee to perform the audit.
  2. In odd-numbered calendar years, the current NAWIC Director will appoint two (2) members as an Audit Committee to perform the audit.

Upon notification of the appointed members, the Guardian will forward electronic copies of the Fund accounting records to the Audit Committee with copies to the other Trustees. The Audit Committee will present an audit report at the Annual Planning Conference (APC) whenever possible. In the event there is insufficient time to perform the Audit prior to APC, the audit report shall be presented at the next Conference or Forum with copies to all Chapter Presidents.


A.  The monies for the Fund shall be provided through contributions made by the Chapters in the Region, based on a minimum of $4.00 per capita for the chapter membership as of November 1 of each year, payable by December 1. Contributions to recognize new memberships received throughout the fiscal year shall be made by July 31. Checks should be made payable to “NAWIC Pacific-Southwest Region Fund” and forwarded to the Guardian.
B.  As needed, special fund raising projects involving any chapter may be initiated to benefit the Fund.
C.  Contributions to the Fund shall not relieve chapters of extending courtesies to the Director when said Director is invited to a chapter function, nor eliminate the standard practice of providing lodging when required.


A.  Reimbursement shall be limited to expenses not provided for by the National Association.
B.  Reimbursement shall be limited to the amount of money available in the Fund.
C.  Reimbursement from the Fund shall be available to the Director, a Director-Elect when there is one, and other recognized users of the Fund.
D.  Requests for disbursements, whether reimbursement or for deposits, shall be made electronically (via email) with Request for Reimbursement form and supporting documentation in electronic format [e.g. PDF, MS Excel, or MS Word document] attached.
E.  To facilitate record keeping and future budget preparation, all expenses should be submitted to the Guardian, even if no reimbursement is claimed.
F.  Payment of expenses must be approved by majority vote of the Trustee Committee. Decisions of the majority of the Trustee Committee are final.
G.  Disbursements shall be made within 30 days of receipt of the request, and in no case shall the disbursement be made beyond the end of the fiscal year.
H.  It shall be the mutual responsibility of the Trustee Committee and the Director to use discretion in the use of the Fund.
I.  Disbursements from the fund may be made as delineated in the Policies, subject to Budget restrictions and Fund availability. This includes ‘pass-through’ items, those items for which the Fund processes Income and Expenses with no net effect to the balance. Unforeseen conference and Forum losses may be borne by the Fund as delineated in the Policies.
J.  The members in attendance at a Regional conference may decide to expense funds for a one-time purpose by a 2/3 majority vote.
K.  Director’s Expenses

  1. Request for reimbursement by the Director shall be submitted first to the NAWIC Office using the reimbursement form provided. After refusal from the NAWIC Office, the Director shall submit to the Guardian:
    i. prepayment of major travel expenses (air fare and lodging);
    ii. final expense statement with receipts to be filed within thirty (30) days after the expense has been incurred, or within thirty (30) days of denial from the NAWIC Office;
    iii. expenses incurred anywhere in the Region and not covered by other means.
  2. Reimbursement shall be limited to any Regional activity expenses that the Director incurs in the performance of her duties such as:
    i. visits for chapter business meetings and/or special meetings;
    ii. joint conferences involving the Region other than Forums or APCs;
    iii. other administrative costs if proceeds do not cover reimbursement to the Director. Expenses for chapter social functions or events shall not be covered by Allowable Expenses
  3. Director’s mileage to Chapter meetings when not reimbursed by the chapter. Mileage allowed will be set by the current IRS ruling at the time the mileage expense was incurred.

    Major expenses shall be paid as far as: most suitable transportation, coach airfare or current IRS standards, and most suitable lodging, unless provided by the chapter.

  4. Expenses Not Allowed
    i. Director’s travel expenses for attending Chapter social events, or out of region functions.
    ii. Director’s mileage to Forum and Conferences, as this is included in the event budgets.
    iii. Director’s personal gifts to individual members.

End of Guidelines

Adopted at the Pacific Southwest Region Annual Planning Conference on October 25, 2014.