NAWIC provides many educational programs through various venues for it’s members and those employed or looking to become employed in the construction industry.

  • Speakers are used at the Chapter Meetings to speak on topics of interest on Construction related or of interest to Women employed in the construction industry.
  • NEF (NAWIC Education Foundation), with a core purpose to educate the construction industry and foster to work force of tomorrow, provides many educational opportunities, ie. CIT (Construction Industry Technician), CCA (Certified Construction Associate) and CDS (Construction Document Specialist), as well as bringing the Construction Industry as a career to school age children through our Block Kids, Design/Build and CAD/Drafing Competition programs
  • Regional Conferences provide educational seminars and workshops, and Networking, as well as conducting NAWIC Business.
  • Chapters present Seminars of topics of pertinence to the construction industry, as a way to fund our various Scholarship and other Educational programs.
  • NAWIC’s National website provides web based programs and internet courses.
  • Scholarships, the NFSF (NAWIC Founders Scholarship Foundation) provides thousands of dollars a year to college students studying in a Construction related field, as well as Tradeswomen Scholarships. Many Chapters also provide scholarships through Chapter scholarship funds(See below chapters listings)

More Information

  • For more information on NFSF scholarships go here
  • For Chapter scholarship applicationsĀ and information contact Chapters directly
  • For more information on our National web and internet educational programsĀ go to Education Information
  • For more information about NAWIC’s NEF programs, go to NAWIC EDUCATION FOUNDATION (NEF)
  • Speakers Bureau
    • For more information on available Speakers and topics click here
    • To become listed in our Speakers Bureau click here